Advanced Systems For Concrete Flooring Over Wood Subfloors From Ardex

ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard is a self-leveling underlayment used to smooth uneven, structurally sound plywood, OSB, and strip wood flooring without the use of metal lath.

Ardex Engineered Concrete Flooring over Wood, advanced Self Leveling Underlayment Systems. Install smooth self leveling Concrete underlayment over wood subfloors

Ardex GS-4 is a self leveling underlayment used to smooth and repair a gypsum substrate that is UN suitable to receive new finish flooring.

Ardex GS-4 is also recommended for use over structurally sound plywood, OSB and strip flooring.

The product description is a self leveling repair underlayment used for repairing and finishing gypsum and wood substrates above grade prior to the installation of new floor covering.

When mixed with water it produces a pourable or pump able liquid compound that seeks it own level and produces a smooth and flat hard surface.

Wood sub floors must either be...

  • solid hardwood flooring a minimum of ¾” tongue and grove
  • APA-rated TYPE 1 exterior exposure plywood
  • Or approved OSB underlayment board

Ardex GS-4 can be installed from ¼” up to 2” neat coat and up to 5” with aggregate.

Watch a YouTube video demo featuring the installation of Ardex liquid backer board on a wooden substrate.

Ardex K-15 is designed specifically for fast leveling of wooden subfloors and concrete floors.

Ardex K-15 provides a durable , flat and smooth concrete flooring over wood surface with minimum labor and installation time.

Ardex K-15 will level and smooth concrete and other subfloors prior to the installation of...

  • Resilient floors
  • Ceramic tile
  • Carpeting
  • Wood strip and parquet floors
  • Athletic floors

One of the most common problems in renovation and remodeling of existing buildings is the flattening and smoothing of wooden subfloors such as plywood and strip flooring prior to the installations of new floor covering.

Problems with wooden floors.

  • Wooden floors move under stress
  • expand with temperature and humidity changes
  • Joints between boards can be very pronounced
  • The surfaces often rough and uneven with deviation up to several inches in 10 feet

Covering these floors with another layer of plywood underlayment or other underlayment board is labor intensive and can result in floor elevation problems at doorways and hallways.

In addition, if the floor is already uneven the addition of such overlays will not produce a surface which will meet the floor covering manufacture's flatness tolerance.

Solution for uneven wooden floors.

The mesh-reinforced Ardex K-15 plus E-25 underlayment system is a successful fast track method which allows the installation of a high quality self leveling underlayment in a thin layer(3/8” minimum)with the strength and flexibility to withstand normal wood movement and traffic stress.

The resulting Concrete flooring over wood surface is smooth, hard and suitable for any type of flooring material.

Signature Concrete Stain & Resurfacing Knoxville, Tennessee 37918 is an Ardex/Henry System One factory certified installer. If you have a wood sub floor problem, Signature concrete has the solution.

 Ardex/Henry System One Certificate
Ardex/Henry System One Certificate

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