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Concrete resurfacing can be accomplished with many durable cementitious surface treatments for re-dressing worn, spalled, cracked indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.

Totally Resurface concrete driveways...

  • Concrete patios, sidewalks & steps
  • Concrete walls & most vertical surfaces
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Concrete floor resurfacing

This page is about resurfacing solutions and concrete resurfacing products.

This website is a work in progress and more information and updates will be posted as time permits.

For property owners looking for DIY concrete resurfacing answers.

In the near future a free PDF download will be available for DIY instructions, how-to prep and apply concrete dressing and a how-to prep and apply concrete sealer, with a step-by-step process, including a list of the tools required and the concrete resurfacing solution best suited for DIY installations for property owners. I promise it's coming soon!

Concrete dressing is the most economical approach to concrete wall repair and spalled concrete repair.

Ardex concrete dressing vertical

I personally prefer to install Ardex concrete dressing. Ardex CD is easy to apply, hardens quickly, is freeze-thaw resistant, and produces a surface finish that is suitable for foot and rubber tire traffic.

vertical surface before Ardex CD

Ardex CD is recommended for residential and commercial uses only. Ardex CD is not intended for industrial uses such as loading docks, heavy manufacturing or areas with heavy trucks.

You can personalize and create unique and economical concrete decorative resurfacing applications with concrete dressing and Unique decorative Saw cut patterns...

  • concrete floor stain
  • Decorative concrete stencil patterns with brick, stone, ashlar etc.
  • Broom finish, trowel down finish or knockdown finish
  • Integral colors
  • Acid stain and concrete dyes can be used for colored concrete dressings

Ardex Designer floors

You don't have to spend a fortune on concrete driveway repair. Concrete dressing is the economical solution for...

  • concrete driveway resurfacing
  • Concrete sidewalk resurfacing
  • Resurfacing Concrete stairs & garage floors
  • Vertical concrete surfaces

concrete resurfacing before Ardex CD

Just use a concrete dressing applied with a creative decorative concrete design for a more stylish application.

Concrete dressings can be applied on some concrete surfaces for as little as $2.50 sq.ft.

If you looking for a low budget solution to repair spalled concrete surfaces just use the contact form provided below or give us a call. Quotes are cheap, They are free.

Resurfacing concrete with a decorative concrete micro topping is a more artistic application, and is for fast track resurfacing and smoothing of...

  • Indoor concrete subfloors
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Existing ceramic tile floors and tile countertops

I have found that Ardex products live up to my expectations with no floor failure with an Ardex product in 34 years as a professional in the flooring industry.

I highly recommend Ardex SD-M as the micro topping of choice for indoor concrete floor resurfacing.

Ardex Designer floors

Ardex SD-M can be used in combination with Ardex underlayments to create a decorative concrete floor on wood or create a concrete floor heating system.

A combination of Ardex SD-M and self leveling underlayment and an economical electric radiant heat system can be installed on wood , concrete and tile floors. As an Ardex/Henry System One certified installer, we can offer our newly released Unique, Signature Designer Radiant Floor, with an Ardex/Henry System One warranty for a full ten years.

application of Ardex Designer floors

Ardex SD-M is a Designer Floor Finish .You can create beautiful Ardex Designer Floors with this micro topping...

  • Portland cement based
  • Use over concrete, terrazzo, and existing tile
  • Ardex underlayments and toppings
  • Can receive topical or integral color
  • Mixes with water only, no primers or additives necessary
  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant
  • Installs @ a minimum thickness of only 20 mils(0.020)

Ardex SD-M hardens fast due to it's unique self-drying formulation-can be coated with a waterborne sealer just 2 hours after installation and opened to traffic as soon as the sealer has fully dried.

Your resurfacing solutions would not be complete with-out, Stencil-Crete. It 's manufactured by Specialty Concrete Products.

concrete resurfacing with stencilcrete ashlar

Stencil-Crete's resurfacing system is a patented polymer modified cementitious overlay system that resurfaces existing concrete in a broad range of patterns, colors and textures.

concrete resurfacing stencilcrete process

Eliminate ugly, dilapidated, spalled concrete without having to remove it with the patented Stencil-Crete family of products.

The Stencil-Crete concrete resurfacing system is unrivaled in...

  • Quality
  • Ease of application
  • Versatility

Stencil-Crete Architectural color grout...

  • Can be sprayed
  • Troweled
  • Applied by squeegee

to properly prepared concrete surfaces. Unlike other resurfacing systems that use a white or Grey base grout that must be individually colored on site. Stencil-Crete Architectural color grouts are available in twenty-eight standard colors that are color matched on an ISO 9000 approved color matching spectrophotometer computer system.

Designed for use on all concrete surfaces including, but not limited to...

  • Pool decks
  • Patios
  • Balconies
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Entryways
  • vertical concrete surfaces

When fully cured Stencil-Crete surfaces have the compressive strength of over 6,000PSI; twice the strength of many plain concrete surfaces

Please use the contact form provided below if you have concrete surface that is deteriorated, spalled, cracked, or your just tired of looking at that boring old Grey concrete surface. We will provide a free consultation and price quote at your request.

My name is Paul Spurlock. If you prefer to communicate verbally, just call.

concrete resurfacing to signature concrete stain

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