Fossilcrete Decorative Concrete Walls Anywhere
Stone Textured walls, Fireplace, Pillars, Beams-You Name It

You can create unique decorative concrete walls to accent any decorative concrete flatwork with Fossilcrete concrete wall overlay systems...

  • Craft custom concrete sculptures, fountains
  • Create unique landscape features
  • Texture vertical walls to perfection

The only limit is your imagination.

You can craft both raised and imprinted stunning three-dimensional detail to plastic (partially-set) concrete. By replicating...

  • Natural life forms
  • Fossils
  • Stone texture patterns

With true to life detail. Fossilcrete vertical Patterns compliment typical decorative concrete texture patterns and impart signature detail to any workable surface.

image of vertical concrete stamps random stone set

The Fossilcrete vertical system is a revolutionary decorative concrete wall overlay system that can be applied up to three inches thick & stamped within minutes after it is troweled or sprayed on. The vertical concrete system is comprised of...

  • Lightweight Custom vertical texturing mix
  • Growing line of texturing tools
  • Vertical concrete Stamps designed specifically for vertical stamping

When used with fossilcrete's vertical mix, fossilcrete vertical stamps, skins and carving tools impart deep, realistic texture that bonds tough to most vertical surfaces...

  • Wall board & Plaster
  • Drywall & Paneling
  • Brick & stone
  • Existing concrete or block walls inside or out
  • Ceramic tile & Formica countertops

You can apply this innovative concrete wall overlay system to decorative concrete structural supports...

  • Concrete walls
  • Concrete block retaining walls
  • Decorative retaining walls
  • Wood, brick & block columns
  • Create commercial signs

Create a decorative concrete wall repair.

Use it to create a beautiful natural stone textured... hand carved or stamped concrete wall for shower surrounds with concrete wall and concrete block wall waterproofing in one system.

Create a unique stone pattern with a textured concrete overlay on your out-dated, old or ugly ceramic tile with out the need to perform a time-consuming and dusty tear-out and replace.

image of vertical concrete stamp random stone

Create a beautiful stone textured fireplace from floor to ceiling with this lightweight vertical concrete overlay.

The answer for fireplaces built above grade on plywood structures that will not support the additional weight of real stone.

Use a stamped concrete wall for remodeling projects and avoid dusty, dirty and time consuming tear-outs like...

  • Bath room remodels, Bath tub and shower surrounds
  • Kitchen counters and backsplace
  • Remodel and update Chimneys and fireplaces surrounds
  • Remodel and update commercial store fronts
  • Remodel and update commercial store fronts

Apply stone textures to concrete block garages, bulding facades. And outdoor kitchens.

It is an ideal application for projects built with insulated concrete forms inside or out...

  • Remodeling and updating exterior building walls or columns
  • Especially high rise buildings needing a face lift or updating

image of vertical concrete stamp

Fossilcrete is a lightweight vertical mix that is perfect for spraying with a shotcrete machine.

Spray the vertical stamp mix on...

  • Walls
  • Trees
  • Waterfalls
  • Boulders and other structures

Then apply texture in a stone pattern with one of Fossilcrete's vertical concrete stamping mats or hand carve that favorite stone texture.

image of vertical concrete demo spray pump

Fossilcrete demonstrated Production rates @ 160 sq.ft per hour for spray application and stamp @ world of concrete mega demo.

If you have a vertical surface of any type that you would like to update, Fossilcrete manufactures top quality...

  • Concrete wall overlay systems
  • Vertical concrete stamps
  • Vertical texture mats
  • Vertical concrete stamping tools

To create artistic and natural looking Decorative concrete walls.

Signature Concrete Stain & Resurfacing Knoxville, Tn. 37918 is your decorative concrete contractor and distributor for fossilcrete's innovative concrete wall overlay systems.

Please use the contact form below to request additional information...

  • Request a free price quote on a vertical concrete application
  • If you need to purchase a Fossilcrete vertical concrete texturing system
  • Purchase Fossilcrete vertical wall mix
  • Vertical stamps
  • Texture tools & skins

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