Create Interior Stone Walls Anywhere
Living Area, Kitchen, Bathroom,
Accent Walls Or Stairwells

You can apply light weight interior stone walls most anywhere, over painted or unpainted sheet rock, Wood, Brick, Block, Poured or block basement walls, Polystyrene, plaster or most any substrate.

Your stone wall designs can be applied in living areas that cannot support the extremely heavy weight of real stone work...

  • floor to ceiling fireplace walls
  • multiply-story stairwells and entryways
  • living room and kitchen accent walls
  • basement walls or shower enclosures

Real dry stack stone walls are not only time consuming ($$$) to install, they are quite expensive, messy to install, dusty and a real challenge to stage.

On a recent Pigeon Forge Panera Bread project, we witnessed a floor to ceiling dry stack stone fireplace installation.

It looked fabulous, cost about $100 per square foot, took over 10 days to complete and was a real challenge for this master mechanic to fit the the wooden flooring around every single rock shape .

This fireplace, if created with a stacked stone veneer, would most likely have taken about 2 days to install and the $$$ savings would be in the Thousands

Just craft your stone wall ideas from specialty designed decorative concrete products and vertical concrete stamping systems.

The thickness of the Vertical concrete overlay is determined by the texture and pattern chosen. If you want a flat slate texture or brick texture, it is applied at approximately 1/4-3/16 inch of fairly even depth.

If your stone wall ideas require a style of deep texture, you can install as much as 1-1 1/2 inch or more with a second pass.

Any thicker than this, you may want to apply in an additional coat or two.

The water-resistant White overlay mix is a cementious "breathable" system that alleviates hydrostatic pressure often associated with wet foundation and basement wall waterproofing issues.

This system has been used effectively for making leaking masonry walls from the inside water-resistant.

This highly effective application has been proven for over 20 years in various projects from water-resistant basement wall waterproofing to foundation walls.

The White overlay mix would be considered the water-resistant material to use in 100 % submersion scenarios.

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